Book Submissions

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Book Submissions

Web of Life Children’s Books only publishes children’s picture books. We specialize in quality picture books about nature and the environment. We publish books that are nonfiction, creative nonfiction or realistic fiction. Prior to submission, if you are not familiar with Web of Life Children’s Books, please invest some time on our website to determine if we are the appropriate publisher for your work. If we are interested in your manuscript, we will respond within four months of receiving it.

Manuscript Submission Process

We only accept submissions by email. Your manuscript should be attached
as a Word file or PDF. Please submit the entire manuscript via email to

  • Please put the manuscript title and “manuscript submission” in the subject
  • Manuscript should be double-spaced and paginated. Story should be 32
    pages (including title page, copyright page and possible back matter) and be
    no more than 1,000 words (stories including back matter may be longer).
  • Stories should be for children ages 3-8 or 6-10.
  • Please include a short biography. Tell us what other books, if any, you have
    published. Let us know about any applicable awards you have won.
  • Include a paragraph explaining why you wrote the manuscript; tell us about
    any competition (author/illustrator, publisher, year published, etc.). If there are
    competitive books, please explain why your book is different from the ones
    already published.
  • How do you envision the marketing of your book?
  • Only one submission per email. Include your bio with each submission.
  • Please include a bibliography to indicate research on the underlying science
    concept(s) of the story. The underlying scientific facts must be accurate.
  • Authors do not need to submit art. However, if you have illustrations or
    photographs you would like to include with your submission, you may email

Illustration Submission Process

We are looking for realistic-style illustrations for children.

  • Please provide a link to your website. You may attach one or two illustrations.
    We will contact you if we need further information or samples.
  • Send PDFs to
  • Please put “Illustration Submission” in the subject line.
  • Include a short biography with information on your preferred art style (water
    color, digital, a combination, etc.).

By agreeing to review a submission, we do not assume any obligation to refrain from publishing a book based on a similar idea, concept, or story.

Thank you for your interest in Web of Life Children’s Books.