Here Is the Tropical Rainforest

From swinging monkeys to stalking jaguars, this book illustrates how each plant and animal is inextricably linked with the others in a web of life.

Author: Madeleine Dunphy
Illustrator: Michael Rothman
Format: Paperback & Hardcover
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-8
Grade Levels: Pre K - 3
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0977379514
Paperback ISBN: 978-0977379507
Price: PB: $9.95 • HC: $16.95
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Award Named an “Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12” by the National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) and Children’s Book Council

“Both the pictures and language are worthy of note . . . The words read aloud with a distinct rhythm, and Rothman’s artwork, in a palette of subduedgreens and browns, shows readers the  connectedness of plants and animals. . .” — Booklist

“Children will be drawn into this exotic world by both the rhythmical text and the lush illustrations that fill the pages.” — Language Arts

“The exceptionally realistic and lush color drawings of Michael Rothman help this stand apart from the usual tropical rain forest considerations, making it a fine introduction with simple yet appealing descriptions and fine visuals.” — Midwest Book Review

“This cumulative tale starts in the rain forest, adds creatures great and small, and ends with the rain that fills the rivers. Rothman’s lovely illustrations, done in the lush greens of the wet tropics, accompany the sing-song verses. . . . As a picture book, this title serves to illustrate some of the rain forest’s creatures and to acquaint children with this  important part of the world . . . .” — School Library Journal

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Madeleine Dunphy

Madeleine Dunphy has studied and visited many of the world’s ecosystems, and was inspired to write books about our world’s great diversity of life. Her books have been published by Hyperion Books for Children, Millbrook Press, and her own publishing company, Web of Life Children’s Books—a publishing company devoted to publishing picture books about the environment. Madeleine is also a teacher, activist and mother. She lives in Oakland, California. For more information about Madeleine, her books, and her school presentations visit


Michael Rothman

Michael Rothman is a noted natural science illustrator whose work has appeared in the science section of the New York Times, among other publications. He has illustrated many children’s books including, Inside the Amazing Amazon by Don Lessem, Jaguar in the Rain Forest by Joanne Ryder, and The Mystery of Mars by Sally Ride & Tam O’Shaughnessy.  Michael has participated in numerous research expeditions to Brazil and French Guiana with scientists from the New York Botanical Garden. He lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut, with his wife, Dorothy, and their daughter, Nyanza. For more information visit