Here Is the Arctic Winter

Through cumulative text and glowing paintings, this book teaches children about the animals and plants hardy and strong enough to survive this region’s cold and dark season.

Author: Madeleine Dunphy
Illustrator: Alan James Robinson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-8
Grade Levels: Pre K - 3
Paperback ISBN: 978-0977753918
Price: $9.95
Where to Purchase:

Award Named a “Teachers’ Choice” by the International Reading Association

Award Named an “Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children” by the National Science Teacher’s Association and Children’s Book Council

“In blue, black, and white illustrations, attributes of the Arctic winter unfold. Double-page spreads contain brief text describing an array of animals; lyrical and cumulative, the story is good for reading aloud.”— The Horn Book

“Snowy owl and caribou, narwhal and polar bear, surviving in the ice at the end of the world. The hypnotic text and paintings by the renowned wildlife artist mark the collaborators’ stunning debut.”— Smithsonian

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Madeleine Dunphy

Madeleine Dunphy has studied and visited many of the world’s ecosystems, and was inspired to write books about our world’s great diversity of life. Her books have been published by Hyperion Books for Children, Millbrook Press, and her own publishing company, Web of Life Children’s Books—a publishing company devoted to publishing picture books about the environment. Madeleine is also a teacher, activist and mother. She lives in Oakland, California. For more information about Madeleine, her books, and her school presentations visit


Alan James Robinson

Alan James Robinson started the Cheloniidae Letterpress in Easthampton, Massachusetts, with the aim of preserving the fine art of bookmaking. A fine artist specializing in wildlife imagery, Alan’s work appears in many rare and fine print collections around the world. He lives in West Hatfield, Massachusetts. For more information about Alan’s work visit